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Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7)

Come Alive  - Karina Halle
It’s one thing to bring the woman you love back into your life. It’s another to try and keep her there.

I have one hell of a bad habit. I almost never read the blurb before starting a book. Yes, I do read it before adding the book to my tbr shelf. I do trust myself completely to know that when a book ends up on my tbr shelf, it’s worth reading. So, again, I do not bother with the blurb because I like to be surprised.

I should have read the blurb for Come Alive.

Come Alive is told from Dex’s POV.


Bah. Too late now.

Ok, so I had no idea this was told from Dex’s POV. No idea whatsoever. I guess this is the most important thing I’ve missed from the blurb. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the other two books that were told from Dex’s perspective, but having too much of it gave me a headache. A whole fucking book from the Dex 2.0’s perspective was a bad idea. Let me tell you why.

First of all, this Dex 2.0 is full of shit. He’s acting like a horny teenager most of the time. Most of the book is filled with his perverted thoughts towards Perry. Perry’s humongous tits (boner), Perry’s round squishy ass (double boner), Perry showing extra skin (so sexy!), Perry wearing a dress (omg I wanna fuck her!), Perry’s fucking blue eyes (my cock is getting hard just by staring at them!), Perry’s fuckable mouth (say hello to my little friend!) and so on and so forth.


We get it. You love her and lust after her 24/7. Good. But man, get a fucking grip. What the hell happened to you?

I think it’s needless to say that I do not like the new Dex. I so much miss his old mysterious cynical emo self. I so much miss the sexual tension between Perry and him. I miss their joking, I miss their fights. I miss how much they understood each other and how well they worked together as a team. This “relationship” of theirs isn’t anything like I would have imagined it to be. It’s like I’m reading about two completely different people. A horny teenager and a heartless bitch.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Perry is acting like a heartless bitch. The way she reacts to Dex’s feelings, the way she feels insecure about him and her own self. The way she isolates herself from everything around her. I feel like she’s not a nice person anymore. I get that she went through a lot of shit with her miscarriage, the demon possessing her, sex with a ginger (that must’ve hurt her pride) and her parents almost throwing her into a mental hospital and all that, but I feel like this is a bit too much. Dex did help her get through it, he saved her countless times, he sacrificed himself for her, shit he even carved out his heart and threw it at her feet (dramatic, I know) and yet she’s acting like an ungrateful bitch. Is it for the sake of keeping their relationship “fresh” for four more books? That’s what I think, especially seeing the forced “obstacles” that keep on happening to them. A constant one stop forward, two steps back. It’s getting old.

Did I mention that 60% of the book was solely about Dex and Perry fucking? No, really, it was. Did I mention how old and boring it got, even after two sex scenes? No?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, especially since it’s Dex we’re talking about here, but there was too much sex. I felt like I’m reading a cheap erotica book and not an awesome EIT. More than half of the fucking book is just sex. Sex. Sex. And oh, guess what? More fucking sex.

And the story? Meh. It felt like I’m reading Darkhouse all over again. I did not like Darkhouse. I had to force myself to get through it just for the promise of what’s to come in the future books.

Another thing that I didn’t like about the story is the amount of people that were around. Me no like that. I like to have Dex and Perry all alone in some weird secluded place, hunting for god knows what creature. Or, better said, being hunted by the creature, as it usually happens. Come Alive had a good location (New Orleans for fuck’s sake!), zombies (uhm.. cool, I guess.), voodoo people (not so bad), haunted houses and swampy lands. Do you see the potential?


But nope. We get sex, sex, sex, forced relationship drama, near death due to stupidity, make-out sex, sex and a mysterious (but not too mysterious) heavy box in Dex’s pocket as an OMG DAT ENDING! punch in the face.


Also, two more MAJOR things that bothered the shit out of me. Spoilers, beware.

One. Max. I hate the douche. I hate him so much. And now we find out he’s a guardian angel/superior being of some sort. He sacrificed his immortality over a girl he loved (and yet he left her because he’s a douche like that). And he’s not very good at his job, that’s why he screwed Dex over. And he still wants what Dex and Perry have. Because he’s such a nice person. And, in the end, he ended up doing the right thing by staying in New Orleans and taking care of the woman he loves.


Really. No. I can’t like him just because of all this crap. It’s all bullshit. He is not a nice person. Period.

Two. Dex’s lies that ended up brushed under the carpet so no one would know what a fucker her is. He did a very bad and selfish thing to hide the truth from Perry just because he thinks all of this will “protect her”. He thinks he’s so kind and selfless to push her away without explaining what the fuck is going on. This is a decision that should belong to her as well. And also, in the end he ended up blaming Ambrosia for his sudden douchenesness, when, obviously, that was not true. It was a dick move.

And I just got another idea. Is this going to be another “obstacle” in their relationship in EIT#8? Perry finds out that he lied and again we’ll have the “I can’t be with you because you’re a lying sonovabitch” crap? I’ll be expecting that.

(show spoiler)

Come Alive had the potential of being great, but it took it out of its shiny wrapper, rubbed its shitty ass with it and threw it in the fire. I cannot even call it Experiment in Terror anymore, but go for a more suitable name like Experiment in Fucking thanks to all the unnecessary sex going on. Add a huge stinky drama llama and there you go. Experiment in Drama Llamas Brainlessly Fucking.

I am looking forward to the next (and last) two books though. Karina Halle does know her way around a good creep story, so I’m going to try and be optimistic about it. The fact that the next one will be from Perry’s POV does help ease up my nerves a little bit.