The Great Destroyer

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A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore A Dirty Job is a hell of a book.Get it? Hell-of-a-book?Eh.Christopher Moore is one sick bastard. That’s the only explanation I came up with for the stuff he threw at me.And yes, that’s a compliment. This guy rocks.So what do we have here? A total geeky Beta Male who becomes Death. Check. Snoop Dogg aka Minty Fresh (yes, that is his real name) as a faithful sidekick. Check. A baby who owns two hellhounds and kills with the word “kitty”. Check.Hot bird creatures that give men hand jobs in dark alleys. Check. Squirrel creatures in pink tutus. Check. Yep, this book has it all.Would I recommend? Yes, totally. But only if you’re into dark humor and don’t mind the whole death mood that Moore has going on.One of my favorite scenes in the book:Mint Green Death sighed heavily. “I guess we’re going to be here awhile. I’m going to make some coffee. Do you want some?” “Sure, try to lull me into a false sense of security, then spring.” “You’re tied the fuck up, motherfucker, I don’t need to lull you into shit. You’ve been fucking with the fabric of human existence and someone needed to shut your ass down.” “Oh, sure, go black on me. Play the ethnic card.” Mint Green climbed to his feet and headed toward the door to the shop. “You want cream?” “And two sugars, please,” Charlie said.