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The Stepsister Scheme (Princess, Book 1) - Jim C. Hines Indulge not overmuch in wine or beer. Pick not thy nose, scratch not thy rear, and all shall say “A lady sits here.” A true lady’s lesson in life.Only one of my Goodreads friends read this book. Of course this made me think that maybe it won’t be so good. Why else would people not know of The Stepsister Scheme? Why else? I’ll tell you why else. Because of all this mainstream crap that’s flying around, that’s why! I enjoyed this book so much. When I first read the summary I instantly fell in love with it. And it did not disappoint. It’s action-packed, beautifully written, the world building is breathtaking and the princesses… They rocked so hard that walking into Mordor became possible.So let’s have a summary of Disney’s take on the three princesses. I hate Disney’s version of Cinderella because: Terrible living conditions and does not say a word. She is saved by a prince who forgets what she looks like after a night. He marries her because she is beautiful. I hate Disney’s version of Snow White because: She's killed because she is too hot. Which is also the reason she's still alive nowadays. Not her brain. No. Her hotness. I hate Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty because: Sex is her only salvation.Now have a look at Hines’ version of these fantastic ladies: Cinderella aka Danielle, wild-hearted sword wielder. Snow White aka Snow, sorceress and sex goddess. Sleeping Beauty aka Talia (my favorite), heartless mercenary extraordinaire.Thank you Mr. Hines *shakes his hand* it’s good to finally see someone teaching Disney a lesson.It’s time for the prince to be a damsel in distress. It’s time for the princesses to kick some serious ass!