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Faking It (Dempseys #2)

Faking It (Dempseys #2) - Jennifer Crusie This was such a damn… what word to use? …. Hmmmm… freaky? Yeah I guess it will do. So this was such a damn freaky book! Seriously I guess all the characters in here have issues. No normal people allowed I guess. Even the dentist has issues… What the hell?!A really fun start and hilarious characters. This makes me think of that vamp series… What was the name? Ah yeah! Argeneau. Now I managed to read the first one (barely). What reminds me of that is the amount of characters this book has. Now Mrs. Author-for-the-Great-Argeneau-Series (forgot her name – Sands I guess… whatever) learn a bit from here. There were many characters but awesome characters. No retards here! Gah! It’s difficult these days to create a shitty book that has a huge success amongst silly desperate youngsters (yes, I’m talking about Twilight).So far so good. The story seemed nice but when I got to the first sex scene at about 26%... W-T-F!!! I should have expected this from a book having the title “Faking it” (nice pun in the title b-t-dub) but come on!!!! I felt like she was surfing channels trying to find something good on TV and failed miserably. I don’t know if I should laugh or stare like an idiot into space. It actually scarred me…. Scarred me badly…. Now the best way to review this book is to give my opinions on the characters. That’s at least my idea. So here we go:• Davy (I dunno why each time I read Davy’s name I get Davy Jones in my mind… Am I losing it?) – I just loved him, my favorite character. If I could kiss his brain I would do it! Smart man this one!• Tilda – a really strange character. I mean she’s annoying most of the time, she sucks in bed and relationships but I can’t get myself to hate her. Wonder why?• Gwen – awesome grandma; I want one of those.• Eve/Louise – another piece of work – big wtf.• Ford – loved him; he’s a damn psycho killer but a silent one – guess a bit like Dexter (• Simon – smart guy, I respect the friendship he has with Davy. Too cold for me to like him though.• Nadine – cute gal really liked her.• Michael – freaky dad. Scared me at times. Ok in the end.• Steve – such a good dog.Even though the story was slightly too lengthy and boring at some points I still enjoyed it. Too much cheesiness is good for you at times. I was just expecting it to be as funny as “Welcome to Temptation” but the difference is the story which improved drastically. My favorite of the series is definitely “Faking it”.Top 5 quotes#5 “You do a beautiful bitch,” Davy said. “You got any chains in the attic?”“You’re disgusting,” Tilda said cheerfully. #4 “I was scared and he was standing between me and disaster.”“For which you say, ‘Thank you very much,’ not ‘Let me lick your tonsils.’” #3 He sat down on the bed and thought, She’s a crook and a liar and she’s played me for two solid weeks. Jesus.He’d never wanted her more. #2 “Do I know you?”“Yep.” He settled into the booth. “You stuck your tongue down my throat about an hour ago. Did I thank you for that?” #1 “You’d rather have a vibrator than me,” Davy said.“It’s a good one,” she said, trying to soften the blow. “It’s not battery-operated. It plugs in." [...]“You’re in a long-term relationship with an appliance,” Davy said.“Hey.” Tilda straightened. “I never have to talk to it, it never makes me feel embarrassed, and it never lets me down.” Read this review on ZombieHazard.