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The Prophet (Graveyard Queen #3) - Amanda Stevens Uuuugh frustration dump Why did all of this happen? Why??Lemme tell you my problem. My problems, since I have more than one. I was not happy with starting The Prophet because the previous book, The Kingdom, sucked ass. So I was afraid that The Prophet will suck ass as well. Guess what? It did! Even though Amelia was back in Charleston, even though Devlin’s there, nothing worked the way I wanted it to. Too much whining, too few creepy.A good quote of what the book is really about would be the following:Devlin was my destiny. The one man I wanted above all others was the one man I could never have.Yeah, so The Prophet ended up being an angsty love story. No proper ghosts, no good mystery, no nothing. Just Amelia obsessing after Devlin’s ass, Amelia hiding in the bushes, Amelia being jealous, Amelia making idiotic mistakes and Amelia getting herself into trouble. Ugh.I guess I like Angus the most. For all you new people, he’s a dog. Yes, the dog is my favorite character in the book. I guess you can tell just how the rest of the characters are behaving.In the end all I can say is that The Prophet is an extremely boring book. I’m very disappointed in where the series is going. I swear that I’m going to give the next book a try, and if nothing good happens in it, I’m giving up this worthless series.I was going to give this 3 stars. However, after thinking about all my wasted expectations I decided to take one star away. 2 starsReview also posted on