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Prototype - Jimmy Palmoiotti, Justin Gray, Darrick Robertson I’m a pretty huge fan of the Prototype game and this was the reason why I even bothered with the comic. I saw that the score is awful, an average of 2.77!!What the hell?But now I know why. Now I know…My biggest problem was the story. They totally changed it, and not in a good way. I saw Alex on the cover so don’t blame me for expecting the story to be about him. That’s what I wanted, and not two detectives who do not exist in the game.It could have been interesting though. This is seeing the whole story from a different perspective. Ok, cool. Then why make Alex be on the cover? It’s very misleading, especially since he made an appearance only three times or so.The story is bad. They missed many important points; they could not even make it a bit interesting. The plot is crap. The dialogues are crap. The only good part is the art.I’m actually surprised of how much I hated it. As a fan I would suggest you avoid this one, it’s not worth your time.