The Great Destroyer

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Blood Will Tell - Samantha Young With my fail streak up to 6, my hopes were gone. My mood is purely YA PNR lately so here I was just browsing Goodreads for something good (since I’m bored of my to-read shelf) and I stumbled upon Blood Will Tell. Since the cover model (the dude one, not this edition’s one – duh – I’ll attach it at the end) is super-hot (BOOO Existence) I felt compelled AGAIN to read it. The title seemed good enough but the series.. Warriors of Ankh?? Really? ...*pause*Really??*pause*Hmm ok, I’m probably sadistic but I gave it a try. And I’m thanking my sadism for this one. LOVED it! I don’t know if it’s because of my mood or not (I sure hope not) but this book was 95% perfect to me. So I guess I can tell you guys to try it. Hey, you know what would be fun? Having an Evilbot (that hates your guts) as a friend. Wouldn’t that be fun? Imagine all the wonderful discussions that you’d have about your favourite books! And killing people! Wouldn’t that be fun? It sure would..Well, guess what? The Evilbot Diaries are here! Me: Hello Evilbot!Evilbot: HiMe: What's up?Evilbot: Plotting world domination.Me: Did you read Blood Will Tell?Evilbot: Yes. Twice, actually. It's my favorite book.Me: I know, right? It's so amazing!Evilbot: Yeah right! I'm enjoying having a conversation with you!Me: Did you like Noah? He's such a hottie..Evilbot: Who?Me: Noah.Evilbot: I don't know Noah.Me: He's the main character in Blood Will Tell. I thought you said you've read it twice.Evilbot: What is your favorite sharp object?Me: Don't try to change the subject! You just lied to me about reading the book. You said it's your favourite book!Evilbot: Not at all. Why?Me: Why what?Evilbot: Nothing.Me: You're mocking me again, aren't you?Evilbot: No. Not everything is about you.Me: I hate you.Evilbot: I hate you more!Me: Ugh..Favourite quote“You,” she spat. “You are dead to me, you hear me? You come anywhere near me again and I’ll rip your throat out. And you,” she warned Romany. “You better run and hide… because I’m going to destroy you for what you’ve taken from me.”[I’m in love with this chick!!]Favourite cover