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Darksiders II: Death's Door - Roger Robinson, Andrew Kreisberg, Dave Marshall I loved playing Darksiders II so much, and when I saw that Dark Horse Comics had it on Netgalley I was compelled to request it. Even though I knew that the resolution would suck (and it really did), I was too curious to let it go. I will try to get the comic in print because I really want to read the story. The text in the Netgalley preview was impossible to read, so this review will be for the pretty images only. So very nice graphics, the Horsemen look awesome, I’m extremely curious to see if Vigil will publish the next Darksiders game, and I’m even more curious to see who will be the protagonist. I would give it five stars but I’m not sure whether the story is any good so I’m settling for four stars for now. I will try to update my review once I read the story as well.Review also posted on