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Scorch - Gina Damico Scorch was a really disappointing read. I was pretty excited about it, to tell you the truth. I loved Croak, I found it entertaining and rather funny. The characters were cool and the whole grim theme that was going around suited me just fine.But this! This is simply horrible! I mean the story takes either a completely idiotic path, or a too serious one. I liked the too serious one though, I guess this was the only thing that saved Scorch from a one star rating. My main problem is with the idiocy, which lasted for about 70% of the book.Now this idiocy is mostly related to Lex and Driggs' so called relationship. Yes, I don't know what kind of relationship these guys have, but the sloppy make out sessions only managed to disgust me. Kissing is more than shoving one's tongue as far as one can go down another one's throat. I think the sloppy kissing was supposed to be funny. How is that even funny? It's not. It's extremely idiotic.Anyhow, the first half of Scorch is also very slow. The first chapter is serious, and then BAM! Lex is back in town, so everything revolves around sloppy kissing, failed attempts to get laid, useless rants and running around in circles. Where’s the fun in that?And the ending! Oh that dreadful facepalm-worthy ending! Horrible!I’m not sure whether I'll go on with the series or not. We'll see.Review also posted on