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Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark, #5) - Kresley Cole *edited 06 Nov 2011*Another IAD book done… and still wanting more. Yes, I loved this one as well. Very much indeed *evil grin*. Now there can’t be a review of mine without me picking on the cover. WTF may I ask? I don’t see Cade looking like that AT ALL and another thing, where are his horns? Yes he may have cut them or something but still. I want Cade on the cover having horns. Is it too much to ask? A friend of mine, Aly, sent me a pic of how she sees him and I think it’s just perfect. Here he is: See? He has horns! A bit too goat-looking but meh, works… Now I can go on and discuss some well painted horns, like Dianae does: Now these are some nice horns. Next project: paint Cade with nice horns… Now I guess I exaggerated with this so moving on…I was thinking of giving this a score of 4 circles/stars/whatever. Why? Because of Holly. I won’t hide my hate towards her, I found her annoying since the first chapter she appeared in. Towards the end… meh… A girl who prefers a ragdoll-geek over a handsome-funny-protective-potent-demon. What’s wrong with you? Her blah-ness was annoying, her “sickness” was annoying, she may very well be the definition of annoying. And he still loves her *facepalm*. What made me give this book the extra star-whatever was Cadeon himself. Now that’s a character I loved *stupid teenager voice* since like evar! I was laughing/smiling/giggling all the time because of him. He reminds me of someone dear to me. *wipes tear away* *sighs* So yeah, Cade rocks, Holly sucks. That’s my conclusion for this book.Ok ok, I’ll be serious for a bit. The story was great, nice turn of events, smart dialogue and funny scenes. Well-built characters and a touching love story. A book worth reading.Damn look at that! Did a good job there, didn’t I? ;)Since I had some free time I took the liberty of making a comic-thing-dunno-what-to-call-it drawing. Thought it would be funny. Enjoy ;)Heh, boredom…Now some quotes that I loved:“Has anyone ever told you you’re sexy as hell when you’re mathematizing?”“Very well. What do you do as a mercenary?”“I specialize in usurping thrones. They call me the kingmaker.” Bragging now?“Cadeon, are you even listening to me?”“What? Yeah, was just thinking about…how http always turns to https when I carry out a transaction.”“Exactly!”Good save.“Okay, now you really don’t need to do that blushing virgin bit anymore—I got to ogle your body at my leisure for hours. Matter of fact, I had so long, I could have painted you, instead of just taking pictures with my sat-phone.” He held up his phone with a wink.“I loathe you,” she said, precariously bending to collect her toiletries and clothes. As she headed for the bathroom, she gave him the evilest eye she could muster….With a sigh, she asked, “Why do you care if I believe you or not?”“Because if you think I got a leg over with that slag, then the chance of anything sexual with you will be drastically reduced.”Without looking up, she said, “Cadeon, a chance can’t be reduced from zero.”“Gods, I love it when you talk mathy to me.”“Do you honestly want credit because you didn’t do anything to a helpless female?”“No! Yes. No, damn it—”Thirty nerve-shattering minutes passed before Cadeon returned. “What happened? Tell me!”“Everything’s taken care of.”She frowned. “You smell like beer.”He rolled his eyes. “Oh, yeah, Holly, like me and the cop were downing a beer together.”Of course, he and the cop had completely been downing a beer together.Regin slapped her knees. “Oh, my gods, look at him running like his life depended on catching us.” She slid open the door. “Is this straight outta Platoon, or what? Willem!” she cried, holding out one hand. “Run, Willem!” Then she choked on her laughter.And the last goodie for this book, a song that I will consider Cade’s from now on. “So what I lied” by Sick Puppies. Check it out: I finally did the painting I was talking about. Here it is:*click to enlarge