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Down London Road (On Dublin Street, #2) - Samantha Young Warning. Review might contain minor spoilers. Read at your own risk.I was really excited about Down London Road because I really love how Samantha Young writes her stuff, her Warriors of Ankh series was pretty great, I really enjoyed reading it, and I also liked the previous book in this series, [b:On Dublin Street|15760001|On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1)|Samantha Young||21459719]. Why did I like On Dublin Street? No idea. It’s not my usual thing but it worked for me perfectly at the time. Down London Road proved that me liking On Dublin Street was purely a mood thing. Oh well.I went blindly into this book so I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea that this was going to happen:My eyes flickered across the room and then my breath hitched as my gaze paused on a guy who was staring at me. Our eyes met, and for some absolutely bizarre reason the connection felt physical, like acknowledging each other’s presence had actually locked me in place. Yeah, that made me know that I won’t like this book. I was hoping to be wrong, but no, I wasn’t wrong.I really don’t like this sort of romance or this sort of characters. I also think that tattooed guys are being extremely overused and this aspect made Cam less attractive. He is also a douche. Me no like douche.Johanna, the wonderful MC, is an idiot. I hated her. I didn’t even remember who the hell she was. I knew she was in On Dublin Street and I was trying so hard to remember who the hell she was. And then it came back to me. The money-digging chick who wanted to bang Braden. Oh yeah. No Miss Jo, I do not like you. I do not like you at all. ‘How can you take Malcolm and all those other guys’ help but not a friend’s?’ Because it’s a totally different thing! Hah. Yes, she is like that. Now you know why I don’t like her. Oh, and check this quote from the book’s description:Johanna Walker knows what she wants. Really? She knows what she wants?? No, she doesn’t. That’s a huge pile of bullcrap right there. Why? Because the whole book is based on how Jo is unable to make up her mind about what she wants from her life. She is a stubborn woman who makes a shitload of bad decisions. And she gets to be a main character in a book I was really looking forward to reading. Yay me.Thankfully, I was pretty. Tall with legs that went on forever […]Legs go all the way up?Cam on the other hand was not such a bad character, when compared to Joe, of course, but I didn’t like him much either. This is because of what a huge dick he was to Jo just because “he felt too attracted to her”. This gave him the right to be a total judgmental jerk, it seems. He made it up to her later on but I lost track of things when everything got too boring to handle. And I mean boring. They got together halfway through. As in together together, meet my family and all that shit together. That’s when things got too bad for me to even bother reading the rest of the book. It was just filled with useless drama. Did Young do this only to increase the page numbers of the book? It sure felt like it.So, is Down London Road worth your money? It sure as hell was not worth mine, to tell you the truth. I would recommend you buying it only if you enjoy reading mostly romance books. Romance noobs might like it as well. As for the rest of us anti-romance, or partially anti-romance people, that’s a no. Ignore your hormones when it comes to this one.Review also posted on