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Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) - Charlaine Harris Review from ZombieHazard.OMG!!! I’ve been waiting for this book for a year and now it’s finally out!!! It was sooooooo worth the wait!!! Such an amazing book!!! It totally made up for the sh*t that was the previous one!!!Naaaah I’m just kidding. I so much wished I’d say that after reading Dead Reckoning. But guess what? It sucked even more than Dead in the Family. It simply has no purpose of existence.If I could just point out all my problems with this book I’d end up wasting all day writing about it so I’ll just mention the things I think are somewhat relevant. I simply hated it. I’m full of rage because I tried to trick myself into thinking the series will come back to its feet. Nah. The series is dead.Anyways, here comes my complaining.Was it just me or did the plot go on vacation to a sunny beach and left the book hanging around our poor shelves as useless as a pile of dirt? Why was this book totally useless for both the series and my poor raped mind? Also, why am I being bothered by Charlaine Harris' writing style? I mean yeah she makes you feel like you’re reading Sookie’s mind but I don’t know. It didn’t appeal to me. Sookie’s mind is too simple for me to like living in there…I have to admit I started reading this because it’s been sitting on my shelf for a while and True Blood’s running on TV and I’m watching the show and kinda enjoying the season. Seems ok so far. But anyways, I said its time to finally read this. The previous book was a huge pile of sh*t. I really was hoping this one will be different. I can tell the series is going to hell book by book so I was curious to see how many books I have left until I totally give it up. Well guess what? I’m officially giving the series up after Dead Reckoning. So bye bye Sookie Stackhouse, it’s been fun but we must go our separate ways! So leave me the hell alone!!!Excuse me for not wanting to read about Sookie cleaning her attic and selling her junk to an antique shop. I don’t give a sh*t about non-important characters or don’t know who’s baby or Sookie’s hair getting cut by an emo dude. I want a damn good story. I can’t believe this series ended up like this. I know I’m repeating myself but it’s just cruel. This shouldn’t even be printed out!!!Sookie is turning out to be very annoying. Now I’m not saying it because she gets turned on by her cousins, or that everyone’s trying either to kill her or f*ck her. I mean isn’t it strange that so many dudes are after Sookie? Does this woman wear a special perfume that gets guys crazy over her? Is it her boobs that, I quote, should win the Miss America Tit Competition (WTF?!?! Nice going Bill)? Or maybe her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it’s better than yours. I got bored with people trying to kill Sookie all the time. All the books are about her escaping God knows who because they want her dead for God knows what reason. I wish this book as about something more original.Anyway, back to my point. Why is she annoying? Because she has a nice husband and she treats him like sh*t. Eric already has problems and she adds to them by cutting the bond. Why does she have to complicate things? Probably because their relationship is boring. Was it on purpose? Does Charlaine Harris actually plan to end Sookie and Eric’s “marriage”? I would have expected them to be team-mates, work together, be strong together, but what I see is coldness and boredom. I was excited, like everyone, that they hooked up, then shocked that they got married or whatever, and now they’re just normal dudes who do nothing and just occupy pages for the sake of what? Going on with the series even though it’s dead? Is the TV show making Mrs. Harris write the books just to get more money out of sales? Well yeah it’s a good strategy since fans will want inside scoop, but what about the rest of us? What about the people who actually liked the series and were expecting some good books and good stories to be out? Not good enough for the sale numbers maybe? I think the series should have ended with maximum book nine. At least it would have been a decent exit.Question: are there any good things in this book?I love Pam, she’s the coolest character in the book and also in the show. I have to mention Jessica also for the show, she’s interesting. Bellenos was great, it was a relief that he didn’t lust after Sookie. And Dermot wasn’t bad also. That’s it with the good stuff.As a summary for my reactions after reading the book I will present this rage comic:I don’t know why this change in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Either Mrs. Harris got out of ideas, or maybe it’s True Blood messing with it, but nothing good is coming out anymore. I used to be crazy about the series and it’s kinda sad seeing it end up like trash. Oh well, there are better books out there which are actually worth my time.