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Breadcrumbs - Anne Ursu, Erin Mcguire, Kirby Heyborne I judge books by their covers and I’m not ashamed of it. That doesn’t mean that I read a book just because it has a pretty cover. Far from it.I judge covers according to their relevancy to the content inside the book. I think that covers should represent the books story in the best way possible. Covers that portray a certain scene from a book are my usually favorites. I’m mentioning this because the reason why I picked up Breadcrumbs is, surprise surprise, the cover. The story that the cover tells seemed very interesting. An epic adventure starring a cute kid lost in the forest. Maybe throw a bit of fantasy and some helpful wolves and you get a potentially good book.I got the audiobook for this one, and I was shocked that the story is nowhere near what the cover shows, nor what the blurb says. I made it one hour through and I gave up. Thus far, what I got from the book is the story of an adopted insecure kid struggling through a school of mean kids who are racist fuckers.Not really what I wanted. Not at all.A big DNF.Review also posted on