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Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1)

Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1) - Karina Halle

Ok, so apparently I am between the 5 people who didn't like this series. Nah, kidding. They're about 300 people, out of 3998, meaning that approx 7.5% of people didn't like it.

Anyways, I’m going to keep this short. I managed to go through exactly half of the book before giving up. And trust me, it wasn’t easy. Darkhouse? Experiment in Terror? I was expecting a horror theme: loads of creepy scenes, scares and worries. I got an annoying new adult that focuses on the super-hot male protagonist, who’s a total prick, and some random “scary” scenes. Needless to say, I needed more than that to be happy.

A friend of mine, Jenny, told me that book #3 is going to be as good as The Restorer, which is awesomely creepy, but I cannot handle reading two books of Experiment in Terror in order to reach it. Maybe you guys are stronger than me.


I forced myself to give this another try. I managed to finish it. Skimmed a bit, got interesting (kind of), then flowed rather smoothly towards the end. I'm going to give #2 a try, force myself through it as well just so I can start the apparently life-changing #3. I'm going to change my rating from 1* to 2*. No idea why. I'm such a nice person.