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Firelight  - Kristen Callihan So check this out. One day I was just browsing through netGalley. As you know, most of the books there are cheesy, weird or sucky. Usually I go through the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category because from time to time it gets some cool stuff. Anyway, so I’m going through this, and I see a wonderful fiery cover. And I say what the hell, request the b*tch! So yeah, my main reason for reading this is the damn cover. Congrats cover artist! You managed to trick me!It could have been worse. At least I enjoyed the book. Yes, my kids, it’s a good book. Follow me if you want to live get more rambling about it.What can I say about Firelight? My notes are a mess so I’m trying to make the best of it. The first thing I noticed when starting the book is Kristen Callihan’s amazing-omg-drop-dead writing style. I mean whoaaaaah. Really really impressive! Just check this out: His green house. A little glass jewel hidden away on the roof of the house. The rain rattled hard upon the glass, streaking and pebbling, hiding the world from view. It was kinder here, warm and humid. Filled with potted fruit trees and velvet roses, their fresh scent as thick as the air.AndEmptiness pressed upon him as he made his way home. He wanted to collapse, crumple into a helpless ball against the pain of it. Murder tainted his skin and pounded through his veins like a drug, whispering for more; he was losing the battle.If you’re not impressed then gtfo because these here are some mouth-watering quotes!And speaking of mouth-watering let me introduce you to Lord Archer. Or Lord Benjamin Aldo Fitzwilliam Wallace Archer, Fifth Baron Archer of Umberslade to be precise. She lifted her eyes to his face, or where it ought to be. Carved with a Mona Lisa smile upon its lips, a black hard mask like one might wear at Carnival stared back. Beneath the mask, his entire head was covered in tight black silk, offering not a bit of skin to view.He is a mix between V And the Phantom He goes more towards the Phantom is you ask me. There are actually many similarities between these two characters. Plus I liked to imagine Archer as Gerald’s version of the Phantom. *sighs* The man in the black mask seemed to stand alone, apart from everything. His voice was a phantom, haunted and alone. “I don’t want pity.” He glared at the stern visage of the Greek centaur before them. “I’d rather have fear.” I have a thing for ugly scarred guys. I think beauty is overrated. Sue me.*clears throat*I have only one problem with Archer. He makes me go like this Everybody lies. And many freaky things are going on. I wanted answers and I wasn’t getting them. What is he? Hulk? Is he a god who got banished on earth for seducing a virgin? A mighty hero reborn a century too late? Is he an alien from a distant planet? Or the soul of the planet itself set free to kill as many people as possible in order to avoid the creation of the vile killer plastic? Save the seagulls! Destroy all the plastic!Wtf are you Archer?? Tell me now!*clears throat*Uhm what else? Miranda. Miss Miranda Ellis, firestarter extraordinaire. You have to admit that it has a nice ring to it. Too bad this element wasn’t put to proper use. It had a few good scenes, but I think it could have worked better than this. However, at least I admit that Miranda is not boring like the usual heroines you find in Historical Romances. I know I picked on this before, and I will never stop. I can’t stand chicks that run around hunting for a husband and waste all their day shopping or knitting or god knows what other stupid activities. Why would I want to read a story about that? So thank you Paranormal Romance for existing in this book. You made completing it without skimming, skipping or dnf-ing possible.Why am I not giving this a higher score? Because something seems to be missing in the story. I didn’t feel happy with the ending, many things felt unfinished, and the epilogue was weird. But I’ll surely read the next book in the series. Kristen Callihan really impressed me, so I’ll be stalking reading her stuff asap.