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Beg for Mercy (Trilogy, #1)

Beg for Mercy (Trilogy, #1) - Jami Alden Whoah now this was a brutal story.This book made me feel like I was watching Criminal Minds. Uhm, well Criminal Minds combined with movies from those TV channels for women. It’s not really my style but the plot was good. This is my first Romantic Suspense book and I can tell that I shouldn’t focus on this too much. But hear me out! It’s a really good book! If you’re into this genre you must get your hands on it!One of the things I loved about the book was the scenes from the killer’s POV. Rape, brutality and murder. It was f*cked up! But fascinating…. Am I strange for finding this interesting? Probably I am…Now I spent so much time chewing on my fingernails and thinking the typical question one might think (I suppose) while reading a romantic suspense book: who’s the killer??? I have to admit that this was a lot of fun. Talking to my mum about this, telling her my opinion and reviewing my theories. It was something interesting… and I can proudly announce that I got the killer right since the beginning! BOOYAH! *happy dance*The part with Scott (aka Ze Killer) when he was young was horrible. All killers go through something terrifying when they’re little and this causes them to turn into monsters. Well most of them anyway some are just born that way. Too many episodes of Criminal Minds show what childhood does to a murderer. Especially bad parenting, rape, violence and the death of a loved one. Exactly what happened to Ze Killer! *grabbing a Sherlock Holmes outfit**stalking the streets while wearing the outfit*Ze Killer has a good side also. It’s fascinating how he sees a way out of being a monster through Megan. Yes its a bit psycho but it’s still something unique to be in the mind of someone like him.I respect the fact that mega is fighting so much for her brother but there’s a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Plus a thin budget always makes things more difficult. She’s a good heroine; strong, brave and determined.Cole was an interesting character. You get to appreciate what he’s going through to get the person he loves to safety. He’s tough, smart and ruthless. Gotta love that!Some moments got to me more than other. Between the top were the ones where Megan had to watch people getting raped and murdered in front of her. The boiling point when she was in danger was also hardcore!The book had a nice ending and turn of events. I’ll give it four stars just because the genre is not really my thing. But overall the book is great! I repeat, if you’re into this thing grab and read! Aunt Anzu knows what she’s talking about!Top 4 :( quotes#4 He imagined a lot of people found Nate’s smile charming. Cole was hard-pressed not to shove his fist into it.#3 “I can’t stand the thought of anything happening to you. It kills me that he touched you, that you were hurt. So don’t ask me to leave you alone, not when I’d cut my own arm off if it kept you from getting hurt.”#2 “Good mor—” Cole started, cutting off when Megan raised a silencing hand. “What, no good morning kiss, no thanks for the amazing sex? I feel so used.”#1 You can’t have everything. But maybe you don’t have to settle for nothing.Read the review on ZombieHazard.