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What I Did for Love

What I Did for Love: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Ooooh this was a disaster! So I wanted to read something good, ok? I’m in a foul mood – most of the books I’ve read lately were a big disappointment - so I chose something to lift my mood up: SEP. I was having high expectations, of course, but I was sure SEP won’t let me down.Oh hell… she let me down so badly..I hated the book (even though the summary sounded very good); I hated the characters, hated the story and hated the non-existent humor. Booohooo but I’m not in the mood for drama when it comes to my SEP books.Sooo, I ended up reading the first quarter of the book (meh), skimmed the middle and tried my best to read the last chapters (I didn’t get sh*t from them) and failed. So dnf’d it when I was 85% through.The conclusion? The first one star book coming from an author I love so much. It’s painful but I hate being biased (from time to time).The next one will be about Ted (finally!!!) so I’m going to stab a blind dude in the kidney (not joking) if it sucks.