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The Great Escape (Wynette, Texas, #7)

The Great Escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Oh hell I fell asleep while reading. Again.

But wait! Holy shitting mushrooms I rated a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book one star. ONE STAR! Painful. It was so painful.

The Great Escape was supposed to be the book that makes up for the epic fail that was Call Me Irresistible. And the sad thing is that at least I managed to finish Call Me Irresistible. I could not finish The Great Escape. My main reason is its dullness. I miss the good ol’ times when Susan Elizabeth Phillips used to write nice books. I miss her naughty characters. I miss her good humor, and I miss her sweet stories.

The Great Escape follows Lucy and the mysterious biker named Panda.

Yes, Panda.

I guess this explains the name.

He is a sexy biker, so I guess this was supposed to make us forgive the stupid name. It doesn’t.

I remember that a few months ago I’ve read the description for The Great Escape, and I found it funny and a little intriguing. This made me very excited about buying the book. Right now, I feel betrayed. My dreams were shattered. My contemporary book loving world is shattered. If Susan Elizabeth Phillips can’t satisfy me, then who can?

Anyway, I was talking about Panda. Susan Elizabeth Phillips usually attracts me through her characters. Panda started out as a very interesting person. Biker. Behaving like a pig. He scratched, belched, grunted. Lucy called him “a primitive life-form.” And I wholeheartedly agree with her. I loved him. But then things started to look fishy. I was sure he was faking, and I was very curious to know why he was doing it.

And then I find out that he was her bodyguard, and he was paid to take care of her.

That’s the oldest trick in the book! I’m sorry Mrs. Phillips, but I’m not buying it.

Lucy had the potential of being a good character. However, this didn’t happen. She is portrayed as a dull woman who does not even reach the potential of the old Lucy we know. And calling herself “Viper” and acting like she’s having a multiple personality disorder is just silly, in my opinion.

The biggest problem I have is the lack of chemistry between Lucy and Panda. No chemistry. Nothing. Nada. The sex scenes were tasteless. The whole book is tasteless.

Boring boring bang your head against all sharp edged surfaces boring!

I was going to try my best and finish reading it. But then I started another book and couldn’t get myself to come back to The Great Escape. There are so many potentially good books out there. Why waste my time on something that I don’t like?

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