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Hades: Lord of the Dead

Hades: Lord of the Dead - George O'Connor I’m totally clueless right now. I have to write a review for this, and I have no idea what to say.I’m not really into Greek gods and all, but this was rather… educational? I mean it’s a good read for your general knowledge and if you like these stories you’ll probably enjoy this graphic novel. The illustrations are extremely pleasant, and the whole thing is very easy to read. The printed version will probably be even better.Why did I choose this if I’m not into these stories? I thought it will be a more action-filled book and less of a “history lesson." Hades is creepy and I always loved him, so I thought everything will go bloody. He was too good. He didn’t even kill anyone!However, again, I need to say that this is not really my thing thus my score. I'm totally neutral about it.