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Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella Goal: Read a light book and laugh my ass off.Result: Read a stupid book that made me want to cut it into little pieces.Overall Goal: Happiness.Overall Result: A sh*tty headache.All my friends gave Can You Keep A Secret? a high score, all of them loved it, all of them asked me to read it.So I did.Yep. And I ended up having a headache. Literally. Mrs. Kinsella you owe me a pack of meds and a nice foot massage.So why did all my friends love this book and I didn’t? I have no idea, to tell you the truth. I just know this: Emma is an idiot. A shallow clownish stupid boring insecure clueless loser. She’s the reason why I hated the book.”'Please promote me,' I say desperately. 'Please. I have to get a promotion to impress my family. It's the only thing I want in the whole world, and I'll work so hard, I promise, I'll come in at weekends, and I'll … I'll wear smart suits.”Facepalm compilation in321 And btw, wtf is this Panther Cola crap? Is it cola that panthers drink or cola made out of panthers?