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Seduction & Scandal

Seduction & Scandal - Charlotte Featherstone WARNING: If you’re actually into this genre and want a serious review avoid this. There be demons ahead!You may think I’ve lost my mind for reading this but there’s a reasonable explanation for it. I’m in the mood to make fun of something. My friend Aly, who’s a huge fan of historical romance novels, couldn’t finish this. So of course I did the obvious thing. No, I didn’t kill it with fire you silly monkeys. I got the book and set out to read it just to make fun of it. You know, make the routine go away and all that.It had nothing to do with the chick wanting to bang Death. Absolutely nothing to do with that.So what I was expecting? Cults, necrophilia, suicide, curses and floating underwear. Of course I skimmed most of it (I can’t handle reading a historical romance without skimming) while hunting for some creepy scenes. What I got? A cheesy pun loving peeping tom Death and a desperate female novelist owning a sick imagination. Meh!I actually found some pretty good stuff around here. Let’s have a look!"Am I to die?" I asked, and he stopped, raised our joined hands to his mouth and gently kissed my knuckles. "You are, my love, and in your sleep, you will become Death's bride."*chokes on the apple she was eating*Lord Black never emerged from his town house, which was across the street from her uncle's town house.This reminds me: It’s perfectly normal to mix things up; you’re an innocent girl after all. Good thing you have me to open your eyes *winks*"Would you let me learn everything about you? Discover you as I want?"Does that include a dissection?"My lord—" she warned as he angled his head, lowering his mouth to hers. "Black," he murmured, his lips brushing her cheek. "Just call me Black."Wtf?!? Who in this world names her main character Black? That’s just lame..Bla bla bla magical objects got stolen bla bla bla he who owns them will rule the world bla bla bla stupid story skim skim skimI was expecting this to be more.. blasphemous. I’m really disappointed with this! I mean come on you had it right there! Why did you make Black be just a normal person who’s cursed or whatever the hell’s wrong with him?? No freaky events, just boredom *sighs*