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The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire)

The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, Book 2) - Clay Griffith The Rift Walker Y U HAVE TO END???And ugh the next book is coming out in September! And it has a cover! And it seems amazing! And it’s the final book in the series!!!Ugh so much pressure!! How am I supposed to handle all this? Breathe Anzu, breathe. All will be well!!!Oh gosh I love this series! I guess this gives me an excuse to act like a mindless fangirl. Or mostly swoon over Gareth, cheer for Adele and yell at Cesare and Flay.Yep, that’s what happened throughout the book. This and wiping tears from my eyes because of all those sweet emotional moments between Gareth and Adele.Favorite book couple ever!!Oh, and Colonel Anhalt is added to my favorite characters list as well. The problem is that I keep on reading his name as Colonel Asshat. So that’s what he is for me now. Asshat. Sorry bro, you had it coming. But he sure is an amazing character. I admire him so much and I’m happy that he’s on the Greyfriar’s side.Another thing that I love about this series is the take on vampires. Vampires in this world are gruesome creatures. They are monsters; their cruelty does not know limits. Even Gareth is no different than the rest of his people. The scene where he slaughtered and fed on the men who attacked them in the temple was frightening. But I loved it because it shows their true nature. They are not pampered rich creatures that hunt for sex and feed off stored blood. They don’t get smitten and turn into domesticated pets. They are wild, they kill, they plot and they conquer. Humans are mere cattle for them. As he walked away from her, Adele took guilty pleasure in the fact that he was once again the man she knew, despite the heavy price.And Adele understands this perfectly. Only a powerful woman could face a partner such as Gareth. This is why I think that all those spoiled and weak heroines who fall in love with so called vampires are a bunch of trash. A frightened little girl could never understand the depth of such a relationship. Their mind could never process such a thing. They would probably be in shock, then clank up and the story would end there. You probably got who I’m talking about. If not, the previous image should make it clear enough.I actually live in Alexandria myself and I wish I could witness Adele leading the kingdom (of course it will be a kingdom) with Greyfriar by her side. That would totally make my day.Hell, that would totally make my life!I can’t wait to get my hands on The Kingmakers!!