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The Lost Days (Emily the Strange Series)

The Lost Days (Emily the Strange Series) - Ugh this was supposed to be a good book! But of course I’m asking for too much.I admit that I got this only because I’m in love with Emily and I felt ashamed for never actually reading one of her books. Plus our Goodreads group’s main image is of Emily. I like to have some insight on the stuff I use, you know.So, what did I like? Emily’s sarcasm, the writing style, the book’s layout and all the cool images scattered all around.What I didn’t like and what actually made me give it up? Boredom.Too much freakin’ boredom. I’m sorry but the story is not for me. I don’t know if it’s this book or the series itself, and frankly I’m not tempted to try another one, but the story is (forgive the pun) strange.Soooo DNF my dear Emily. Things can never work out between us.