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The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom - Christopher Healy

I’ve been giving The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom a lot of thought ever since I saw its cover. It is needless to say that I loved it since the moment I laid my eyes on it. It kind of reminds me of DreamWorks movies, How to Train Your Dragon, in particular. I wonder why.

I really wanted to buy it and what kept me from doing it was my husband saying that it’s probably not that good. So I let it go and tried to put it behind me.


I couldn’t.

I needed the DreamWorks dragon book sooooo badly!! I couldn’t sleep at night because of it. I couldn’t eat nor focus on my work. I started hearing voices telling me to spend the last of my PayPal money on it and forget all about buying that new videogame that I wanted to play so much.

I almost gave in. Almost.

Bah, who am i kidding? I wouldn’t be here writing this review if I hadn’t bought the darned thing, would I?

Yeah I bought it...

And it didn’t suck!

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is actually a pretty fun book. Christopher Healy’s sense of humor is extremely cheesy and exactly my style. The characters are cute and the story is fun. There is a catch, though. The secret to loving this book is in not taking it seriously. Want a fast way of having some fun? Go for it. Want a serious book? Don’t bother. Fun and silly are the keywords here.

And why would you even expect a serious book considering the cover?! Does that look remotely serious to you? Of course not! Let’s use our brains a bit, people!

I was going to give it four stars but the awesome drawings (total surprise there) deserve an extra star. So maximum score for our League of Princes!

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