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This Duchess of Mine (Desperate Duchesses, #5)

This Duchess of Mine (Desperate Duchesses, #5) - Eloisa James A girl’s guide to saving her train-wrecked marriage.This story had a bad start from many points of view. First of all we knew that Jemma and Elijah’s situation was bad from the start. He cheated on her, she caught them, he told her that he loved his mistress and she left him. Nine years of failed marriage are difficult to overcome. The second problem is Elijah’s heart. He knows he is going to die soon and his situation is getting worse by each passing day. The story started when Elijah wants to win back Jemma. Tough luck there son! Nine years too late don’t you think?I actually feel bad for Jemma and I blame all their problems on Elijah. He’s the one who cheated; he’s the one who let things go downhill. His reason was “doing the right thing” but it only made things worse. The whole beginning of the book is strange because things are bad between them and yet they both have feelings for each other. The amount of years they wasted might be too much to allow things to get fixed between them. Now my question was: how the hell will Eloisa James fix all this? And how come they still have feelings for each other after all this time? And last but not least, why now? Why the sudden change of feelings in both of them?I was thinking about what might have been Elijah’s catalyst for his change of feelings towards his wife. Thinking that he’s going to die made him want to set things right? Earn his place in heaven? Doing, as always, what’s right? Since we’re speaking of “what is right”, his selfishness bothered me. Even though he’s sick and probably dying soon he still doesn’t want to leave his seat in the House of Lords. He could spend the last days of his life with his wife. After nine years of not doing anything right this is the least he could do.I may be a selfish person but I wouldn’t want my husband to choose politics over me. Same goes with the cheating part. I get that Elijah used the old “if you love something let it go, if it belongs to you it will come back” gig. A two-edged knife I may say especially since he waited for so long and did nothing to patch things up. Personally, I hate cheaters. I don’t think I would give a second chance after an “accident” similar to theirs. And to make things worse he also abandoned her, or “gave her space” as he puts it. This was just stupid but alas I’m not Jemma and Jemma is not me. I’m a cruel bastard. Booyah!!!I liked the story overall but there were some points that I found stupid. For example when Jemma wanted to “spice up” her husband’s life. Her idea? Hook him up with her rival and then try her best to win him back. WTF? Sadistic much? I really found this unnecessary and immature. And eventually this lead to nothing, thus becoming a waste of time. And paper! We should save the trees!!!Awwww tree hugger and bunny…. Too much cuteness…Villiers is damn funny in this book. Even though the things he does (i.e. gathering his illegitimate children like they are lost chickens) tend to be a bit dramatic. WTF is he going to do with so many kids? Does he want to form a junior football team or what? I’m cold-hearted I know but I can’t help from laughing at this. I actually feel bad for Villiers. He is by far my favorite character in the series and I feel bad for him when I see how many women use him, or dump him, or use him and then dump him. It fits that he should have the spotlight when this series ends. Aaand I will enjoy seeing him be a father. I bet he’ll make a damn good one. Seeing his stuck-up self ordering the little devils around, getting dirt on his immaculate clothing and maybe grow a few white hairs. It will be better than watching TV.And speaking of Villiers was I the only one who thought he was a true hero when he was using his sword (steel sword you perverts!!!) to defend the children? New Fruit Ninja record!!! I bet I can beat his highscore!A thing I liked about this book is the unexpected twist in the story. At the beginning it was tense and sad and then BOOM! It got sexy all of the sudden. Elijah seemed like a cold boring man and when he pulled down the curtains and showed his real self (does that sound wrong only to me??) I was pleasantly surprised. It made me give a bit more credibility to the whole nine year old f*ckup problem. Pop quiz! In a match of chess who do you think would win? Jemma or Elijah?**This is only my opinion thus not really a spoiler** Elijah ‘cause he’s a boss!Another thing that I liked was the fact that Elijah might or will die. I’m not sadistic or anything (or maybe I am just a lil’ bit) but it kept me on the edge. I kept on thinking of how he’ll get out of it, about the logical explanation for his heart behaving like that. Surely Eloisa James won’t kill her hero… Or will she? *dramatic music*To lose the person you love is one of the toughest tests we encounter in life. I like the way Eloisa James expressed Jemma and Elijah’s feelings, the way this particular tragedy managed not to separate them but quite the opposite. They made peace with each other; they gave forgiveness and love and received a bit of happiness. Now, ‘cause I’m mean I won’t tell you whether Elijah lives or dies. You have to read to find out.B-t-dub are you angry with me yet? No? Are you sure? Later then…Aaaaand in the end Mrs. James pulled off the whole heart problem thing. I have to admit that it was too easy for my taste. You must know by now that I don’t get happy with easy things, I prefer twisted and weird. To my complete disappointment Elijah didn’t turn into a zombie.*disappointment noises made by the crowd in the background*I know right? Again they failed to bring in the zombies! Gah!!! What are these books nowadays??Top 5 quotes#5 He was the man she loved. The man who loved honor more than his life, and certainly more than his wife. There was nothing she could do but allow him to revel in his conquest.#4 “I love you,” he said, the words rising from his heart naturally. “I love you, Jemma. I love you.”The joy in her face shamed him. “To find all this bliss, at the end,” he said, holding her tightly. “I don’t deserve it, Jemma. God knows, I don’t deserve you.”#3 He lifted his hands, and her fingers fell from his wrists. She was kneeling by his chair, just where she must have thrown herself. Elijah put a hand on her hair and a small rose tumbled into his lap. Like the roses one throws into the grave at funerals, he thought with a wrenching twist of self-pity.#2 “Life should not be measured by time. The only thing that counts is how one uses the time one has.”#1 “Will you forgive me?”She blinked. “For what?”“For not being able to stay with you forever. Because I would, Jemma. I promise I would.”“I know,” she whispered, brushing his lips with her own. “I know.”Read the review on ZombieHazard.