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Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane First, there was Anzu’s brain. Then a little crazy gnome claimed it as his home. That gnome had big plans for Anzu’s brain, and he kept on guiding her book reviews for a long time. Until the day Anzu started reading Mind Games. Then two more gnomes invaded her brain, and confusion reigned. Each gnome had a different opinion regarding certain parts of the book. In order to please everyone, Anzu allowed each gnome to write its opinion in her review.The beginning (Gnome 1)Lots of mentions of a certain vein star syndrome which seemed important, but my mind failed to remember and care about it. Some other issues regarding mind powers, highcaps and all that. No idea what those are and how these things will affect the story. Justine’s issues were kind of weird. I had no idea how everything will connect.The middle towards end (Gnome 2)Holy fucking goose people this book is awesome! I have no idea what’s going to happen, and I love it. Hit me Carolyn Crane! I said hit me goddammit!!The end (Gnome 3)I was so happy when Justine ended her relationship with Cubby. Finally the love triangle will end! Finally Justine will hook up with Packard. Awesome stuff! And then Justine gets her final assignment, and I can’t handle the excitement and pressure and, most importantly, the fear of something dreadful happening to her. Otto Sanchez seems like a bad guy. Really bad.But then something happens. Something so big that the whole book changes for me. She meets Sanchez in person and starts describing how attractive he is. Ok, I can handle that. I mean many bad guys are good looking, there’s nothing wrong in noticing that. Right?And then she feels the insta-connection. She feels that they are alike, like he understands her. And then she goes to his place and she wants to zing him and get the whole job done. There, they share a special moment. And they kiss. And then she mentions his cucumber-like penis. And then they get naked. And they have sex. What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On.Why?? Why are you doing this Carolyn Crane?? We just got rid of the stupid love triangle, and now you bring in another one that has a better penis?? Ugh! Why??I was going to give Mind Games five stars. I swear I was. But you know why I’m taking a star away? Because I feel like I was mind raped. Yes! My mind was fucking raped because I hate Otto Sanchez. I am repulsed by him, and she had overly-described sex with him. Mind. Rape. His hands touching her. Ew. Naked, skin on skin. Ew. Penetration. EEEWWW! Make it stop! Please, for the love of god make it stop!!! I DO NOT WANT THIS!And now they are a couple. So fucking awesome! I am totally sure the next books will focus on this shit! The typical “zomg who am I going to pick” shit! And yes, I confirmed it by reading the summary for Double Cross.As the body count grows, Justine faces a crisis of conscience as she tests the limits of her new powers and faces an impossible choice between two flawed but brilliant men - one on a journey of redemption, the other descending into a pit of moral depravity.Fuck you again. I do not want a damn love triangle. I want a good story. I want the book to be like Mind Games prior the Otto Sanchez sex trip.That is all.