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Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2)

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Well now… this was a waste of time… I was having high expectations regarding Catching Fire and they all went straight to hell. You may call me mean, or some other foul word, but when you start a series with an awesome book (aka The Hunger Games) you expect a mind-blowing sequel. Catching Fire is not the worst book out there, don’t worry about it. Some people may even call it amazing. I’m not one of those people so if you’re biased or a fangirl avoid this review. It won’t be pretty.The beginning of the book is not what I wanted. It was pretty dull, except for the accident Gale had. Plus the turn of events between Katniss and Peeta aka the wedding thing kind of ruined my mood. But thinking about it, I’m not really sure what I was expecting from the story. But I insist on this not being it. I still hope it gets fixed or something in Mockingjay.Then things get worse! ZOMG Team Gale VS Team Peeta. Really? Are you guys going to ruin the series with this sh*t??? Katniss I thought you were better than this. I guess teenage girls are born with the idea of wanting to love all the boys around them. Katniss has changed drastically. She was an idol and now she turned into the typical YA heroine. Add a bit of a love triangle and what makes The Hunger Games series different from all the others now? NOTHING! And does Katniss have to be in the damn arena to have feelings for Peeta? Once she’s home she wants to run away with Gale and then OMG games part two and she gets all gladiator over Peeta. If you ask me both Gale and Peeta are too good for her. I’m actually waiting for her to die in the arena and get this thing over with. But wait! I see a book three in the list. I guess there’s no dying now, is it? Too bad...The repetitiveness of the book bothered me a lot. When they announced the second Hunger Games where the victors are the offerings, or whatever they’re called, I was likeBut then the eternal optimist in me was waiting for someone to come and start an uprising that will destroy the games and start the real amazing-omg-I-can’t-breathe story. This thing happened the same way my eternal optimism did. It cannot exist in this world thus it is the thing we do not speak of!What I must add to the hate list is the fact that the whole drama revolving the story feels fake. Hell the story itself lacks the spark I got used to finding while reading The Hunger Games. And, as my friend Dee said, the ending was predictable. I didn’t get the OMG-WTF-how-could-this-be-tell-me-now-I-command-you reaction out of me. I don’t even feel the need to start the next book ASAP. *sighs* Oh dearest spark where did you go?The ConclusionJust to be fair I’ll add a star (or something close to a star) to the score for each “loved” item.So we have 1 + 0.5 + 1 = 2.5 stars