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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins Where’s Bear Grylls when you need him?Started this too late, I know. But better late than duct-taped to a chair and forced to listen to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on an endless loop!I have to say that the people who organize these "games" are blood thirsty demons (you sick f*cks!)." Happy Hunger Games! Oh look fresh meat the new tribute. Rejoice everyone. Dinner entertainment is served!". The story is brilliant and got to me in more ways than one. Most of all it got me hungry. All that talk about yum food made me turn into a brain eating zombie!!! Oh nooo!!! Speaking of food and all… Will I burn in hell for thinking that all this starvation did well to the ever obese American children?Oh well… back to more serious matters…I liked Katniss’ attitude, her inner strength, the way she thinks, and the fact that she’s a realist. She has good logic and intelligence and isn’t even near the annoying level YA heroines usually reach. She is admirable and worthy of being a role model.Quick question. Where are the cameras? I imagine something similar to Spiderman Shattered Dimensions. There was a level where Deadpool trapped Spiderman on a platform in the middle of the ocean and forced him to save the crew while cameras filmed his every move. The cameras used to have propellers and were always buzzing around being annoying just like mosquitos. I doubt they’re done this way in the book but that doesn’t stop me from imagining them this way. And Deadpool being the host... The perfect show! Oprah would self-combust because of jealousy!The conclusion? A-f*ckin-mazing! Loved every second of it! Now I need a break, my brain circuits are dead because of the awesomeness that is The Hunger Games. Berries anyone?