The Great Destroyer

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The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Living Dead - Max Brooks *updated 01 Nov 2011*raaar GGRRR UURRRG roooorrr RAAAAAAAR uurrg OOOOOR oooor ggrrrr RAAAAR GGRRR oor UUUGGG uugg aahhhhh!!!Yes! I’m mastering the zombie language! If you don’t know what that means you’re in deep sh*t. You might want to get some books and start learning a few things..Every person on the planet should own this book; you can never know when the next attack is going to be.To do list:• buy a machete• buy an M1 Carbine• buy leather suit• cut hair short• buy supplies• buy a dirtbike or horse, whichever is available• create a voodoo zombie• become a professional zombie hunter Here are some personal results from my research. Stay safe! And in case you turn into a zombie stay out of my way or eat lead!