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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass - Lewis Carroll,  Bob Henry I’m really not a big fan of children or children’s minds, dreams and fantasies but Alice in Wonderland was always a concept I admired. A human’s mind is such a complex thing; it helped us reach what we are today, surrounded by technology, art, architecture and whatnot. It’s sad that eventually most of us grow out of this childhood way of thinking. We want to become mature, ignore the silly things we used to like when we were young. We tend to go towards “mature” things that eventually end up transforming us into boring, monotonous creatures that live in a depressing daily routine. I personally respect adults that hold immature minds. They are usually the coolest people you can meet.I will repeat myself now but I really do love Alice. I watched all the movies and attempted to play a few games related to the story. Unfortunately the games weren’t so great and I had to give them up. I never thought of reading the book though, which is very strange. I guess it happened like the times when you’re looking for an object and you fail to see it even though it’s right in front of you. I actually saw it on Amazon being for free and I said “Holy Crap! I forgot to read this!!!”. Anyways check the link below this (available on my blog only) where it says “Buy it at Amazon” – well now you get it from Amazon right on your Kindle!!! YES!!!Now I know the classic image that Alice has. Childish, pure, innocent. Well call me sick but I have another image in mind. Check out the classical one:I don’t really agree with Mia Wasikowska as Alice but Tim Burton accepted her (I wonder why) so let’s just pretend she’s allright.And now my version of Alice:Not really my version but the Alice Madness Returns one. I simply love it! I see her as a pretty little girl who has waaay too many issues to keep on living as a sane person. Perfect!Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a freaky story and I really love freaky stories. You may not think much about it but give it a try. Maybe you’ll love it as much as I did. Oh and btw if you have any recommendations for this type of books do not hesitate to pass them on to me. Thanks!Read this review on ZombieHazard.