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Kissing Corpses - Amy Leigh Strickland Kissing Corpses started as a horrifyingly boring book. It kept being uneventful for almost 40% of the story, and I have to admit that I was close to DNF-ing it. But then something unexpected happened. Amy Leigh Strickland barred her teeth and showed us her hatred towards vamps.Yes, this is totally a vamp hating book. If you love these naughty night creatures, if you have fantasies about banging them and joining them in death, then beware! This book will tear your dreams apart.*dramatic pause*Be afraid!*dramatic pause*Be very afraid!!However, if you get over the stiff, unnatural characters the story isn’t THAT bad. I mean, yes the main character is a total selfish bitch, yes she gets on your nerves A LOT, but in the end she gets what she deserves.From a total cruel I hate Bella Swan point of view. Yes, this is a Twilight related book.The vamp dude (can’t remember his name worth shit) turns out to be the total opposite of Edward Cullen. He’ll become a blood thirsty psycho. He will kill everything that stands in his way. He will stalk, rape and kill you in order to be with you forever. Scary Rawdon is scaryBut seriously now. I wasn’t seeing the Twilight connections until I’ve read the ”Afterwards” or whatever you call the author’s note at the end of the book.…Well... Saying that Amy Leigh Strickland hates Twilight is an understatement. She actually wrote this book in order to fuck it up. As much as I hate the sparkly vamp story and admire Amy Leigh Strickland enthusiasm, I don’t think I’d go as far as writing a book only to mock a certain phenomenon that’s going on at the moment. No matter how idiotic this phenomenon might be. But that’s just me.The ending was cruel but there was a part of me being happy for Kendall dying. Even though I had to read the paragraph three times to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks one me. Harsh much? Is this the way vamp lovers should end? Yep, that may be a viable solution for most of them.