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Head Rush (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #3) - Carolyn Crane “You always find your way to truth, Justine.”Slowly and painfully for your poor readers, but you do.First impressionsI will pick on the cover again. What is it supposed to represent? Is that Justine? What’s that magic circle thing around her hand? Is she doing magic now? Will she discover a new power that will help her in her final battle against - I quote the book description - herself?The plotHead Rush is the final installment in The Dissilusionists series. The sleepwalking cannibals are still running through the city, terrorizing everyone. Otto sets a curfew that’s supposed to keep citizens safe, but we all know that he just wants to make his job easier in catching Packard. Justine is still under Otto’s spell, meaning that she still thinks that Packard shot Avery in cold blood. Lots of frustration going on there.And, most importantly, Head Rush is about THE wedding. Yep, Justine is still going to marry Otto, and nothing can stand in their way. Or so Otto thinks. Little does he know that Justine is one step closer to learning the truth and will stop at nothing to expose him, free her friends and prove Packard’s innocence. The fight is on.My thoughtsI don’t usually like to read one book after another. I like to take small breaks between books in order to clear my head a bit. However, Double Cross left me floating face-down in a pool of anger, frustration and sadness. I couldn’t help myself from finding out what happens next.I finished Head Rush in one day. It’s been months since I managed to do something this crazy. The fact that the book is that good helped a lot. Even so, I still had several problems that I will mention later on.The fact that Head Rush revolves around Justine and Otto’s soon-to-be wedding bothered me a bit. It felt similar to watching a soap opera. Will Armando be able to save Sofia from marrying the wrong man? Find out more in the next episode of Flaming Hearts: A Love Story.I would have liked the story to focus on the sleepwalking cannibals, Packard’s dark past and his constant competition against Otto. Packard’s fight to try to make Justine see the truth was a pain in the ass. Justine’s constant denial gave me a headache more than once. As much as Packard compliments Justine about her intelligence, I fail to see it in her actions and thoughts. Justine’s mind is a wild jungle. Stay too long inside it and you’ll get a rash the size of China.Oh, and remember my comments on the cover? No new magic skills. We have a misleading cover once again.On the plus side we get a HEA and a long awaited properly executed sex scene. My compliments to Mrs. Crane.A short conclusionHead Rush is the conclusion to The Dissilusionists trilogy. The book is frustrating to say the least, but thanks to its fast-paced style it reads like a movie so it won’t take much effort to finish. It does provide the conclusion that the average reader is looking for, including a very sweet HEA. Will I read other books written by Carolyn Crane? Hell yeah! Would I recommend the series to my friends? Yes, I surely would.Favorite quoteWith that, I skate off from the man who once was my hero, leaving him there in the dark parking garage with all his plans and hopes and dreams. This man I will betray and attack tonight. The man I just might die with.