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Aftermath (Sirantha Jax #5) - Ann Aguirre First of all I have to say that I’m never reading a book like this. 10 days - what the hell? And postponing it made me forget certain things/ thoughts so eventually I ended up giving it the neutral score: three.I’m not sure if the book was good for you guys but it was strange for me. Whenever I’d start reading Aftermath something would happen. Vampires Suck playing on HBO, my PC needing to be formatted or moving to another freakin’ country (true story)! So of course I had to postpone reading in order to fix these things. Just like moths to a flame…The start caught up with the wonderful decision of Jax leaving everything behind. Again. I still don’t see the reason why she did that. Can someone please enlighten me? (Answer: “To carry word of the shift in grimspace, so she could save as many lives as possible.” – meh!) I see this whole matter as Jax complicating everything (as usual). I really used to like this chick but the last two books ruined it for me. She’s getting more and more annoying. But anyway, I think she deserves everything that’s coming her way since she asked for it. Too bad I’m not so interested in this anymore. I think I lost my love for this series so waiting for the last book won’t be so difficult. And I’m not going to be excited about it, this I’m sure. I’ll read it, find out how it ends and celebrate.Back to the point. Of course Jax will do something stupid at the end of the book. It’s a habit now… Wait… *getting to the final chapter* What did I tell you?“How can love be so magnificent and still hurt this much?”“I don’t know. Over the turns, I’ve asked myself the same thing.”Because you’re all stupid, that’s why. Sacrifice in the name of love? You’re doing it wrong!“Jax … you know how I said … before your trial—that I’d be there waiting? I always will be. Five turns. Ten. Twenty. There’s no one else for me. I live in hope that there will come a time when you’ll need no more wandering, and you’ll come home to me.”And yet she had the balls to leave him. Now I don’t know if she’s that strong or that stupid.March was no good either. First his decision to go nephew hunting, then settling down (which probably came one book too early for Jax) and then declaring his eternal love to a woman who always dumps him. WTF?! You’re cool about it March? You’ll waste all your life waiting for someone who will never settle down with you? What I liked the most about the book? Vel. Yes, he’s still my favorite. His story with Adele was touching and his loyalty to Jax is worthy of some respect. I say some because of not liking the puppy eyed pansy he’s becoming around Jax. I hope they won’t ruin him in Endgame…P.S. Killing Doc and Evie like that was not cool. Bad move IMHO.