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Heavy Metal Thunder (Heavy Metal Thunder, #1)

Heavy Metal Thunder (Heavy Metal Thunder, #1) - Kyle B. Stiff I found Heavy Metal Thunder free on Amazon. Lucky day? Maybe. I actually considered myself lucky for finding it and in spite of its lack of reviews, I ordered it. Was it the cover? Hell yeah, I won’t lie. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out if it’s a yes or no answer.Heavy Metal Thunder is not a novel. I repeat. Not a novel. It is a Choose Your Own Adventure book.What the hell is a Choose Your Own Adventure book you ask? CYOA is a sort of book written from a second person point of view. You assume the role of the main character; make choices, loot objects, level up and so on. It is exactly like a Role Playing video game. All your actions will determine the plot's outcome and whether your character will survive or die a horrible death.I love Role-Playing games. LOVE them. However CYOA... nope, not for me. I got extremely bored going through all the choices, dialogues, always keeping track of your inventory and character stats (I am so not going to note everything down – too lazy to do that) and virtual level ups. I need prizes. I need cool gadgets, weapons. I need to see the blood of my enemies on my hands, and their brains scattered on the walls! I’m keen on visuals. I know.The story did not help either. It’s the typical invaders killing everything and the long-lost soldier saving the day. Meh. I just finished Mass Effect 3 so bitch please. I need something better than this.So I’m afraid I’ll drop it. If you are geeky enough, then give it a try else I suggest you avoid this one.