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The Playbook - Barney Stinson LEGEN – wait for it – DARY!Yep! Another awesome book brought to us by Barney Stinson and Matt Kuhn. Loved it!Since bros have some problems hooking up with chicks, our greatest hero, Barney Stinson, made a prodigious gift to all bros around and gave them the grand and magical Playbook. Now each us will be able to go out, hit some pubs and trick mindless females into engaging in an insignificant (at least for one side of the party) act of coitus. Hip-hip-hurrah!Barney is one of the funniest characters out there. I kept on imagining him doing all these plays while reading the book and I have to tell you that it increased the fun. I also got to the point where I asked myself: did any guy actually try to pick up a chick using one of these plays? More importantly, did it work? If you have a good sense of humor (I’m not talking about guys, they surely will love this book, I’m referring to the “chicks” – heh!) then try this. I mean I love all of Barney’s books and I don’t get offended by them. Be cool! Be awesome! Try it and become the perfect wingwoman! Help a bro in need! Make the world a better place!I saw there’s another book out by Barney, “Bro On The Go” but I’m not sure if I’ll buy it or not. Seems a little too short for its price. Anyways, we will see.Read this review on ZombieHazard.