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The Kingdom  - Amanda Stevens “Asher Falls. Welcome to our kingdom, Amelia Gray.”Long story shortAmelia Gray gets a new commission in Asher Falls, a town full of mysterious people and a secret that will change her life forever.My thoughtsI absolutely loved The Restorer, book one of the Graveyard Queen series, and I had to know what happens next. That’s why I started The Kingdom right after I finished it. I don’t know if this was a mistake or not, but I did not enjoy The Kingdom one bit.My problems with The Kingdom are simple. It’s not as creepy as The Restorer, the story is extremely lacking and all the characters are either weakly developed or just plain ol’ annoying. And we get a love triangle, which pisses me off. I hate love triangles. I really really do.There were many parts that I didn’t like, which are mostly related to the town’s people, the trio of witches, and the so called romance. And there were parts that I liked, which are mostly related to the ghosts, the forest and the lake. In the end I still wasn’t satisfied with the overall feel of the story. I can even say that The Kingdom is silly when compared to The Restorer. It’s also needless to say that the ending was ludicrous. I simply have no words to describe how disappointed I am.To read or not to read?This is a tough question. It all depends on the reasons why you picked The Restorer in the first place. If you actually want to read something creepy then you’ll be disappointed with The Kingdom. If you just care about Amelia’s life, her romances, her past, etc. then you just might like it.2.5 starsReview also posted on