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Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling, #2) - Nalini Singh Well now… *awkward silence* I’m done with this. I’m sad to say that I’m actually happy I finished it. I really love Nalini Singh but I can’t be subjective. Visions of Heat is too similar to Slave to Sensation. It lacks the spice needed for being a great book. I’m not sure I want to go on with the series anymore but I guess I’ll just leave the next book to brew a bit on my to-read shelf.My main problem with the story? Too much talk, too few action. They actually skipped the action scenes, can you imagine that?? I think those would have been a nice touch to the story. But it seems that’s just my opinion…I liked Vaughn’s character ever since the previous book. When I saw that Visions of Heat was about him I got a bit happy. Can’t blame a girl for having a soft spot for a hottie who actually sculpts. Wow huh? Magic hands and all that. But in the end Vaughn was a huge disappointment. He was no fun at all.I still don’t get how all this lust at first sight happens. Vaughn isn’t interested in anyone and one day he just sees Faith and boom! He wants her and he’ll do anything in his power to have her. And it’s not only this case; most of PNRs are like this. Am I wrong to think this is maybe too easy? I really would enjoy the story more if there’s, say, a fight between them. Or if they’re enemies and bit by bit they fall in love. Or if they have fights. Or anything but wanting to jump each other’s bones from the moment they make eye contact. This is too cheesy for my taste.And another problem related to this is the way they fell in love. Also too easy. Vaughn and Faith’s chemistry was really weak. Him calling her Red was kinda cute. Red Riding Hood reference and all. Too bad Vaughn ended up being a tamed housecat and not the big bad wolf. I won’t get into details because frankly I’m not in the mood. I don’t know why this series is difficult for me to review. Creepy stuff, I tell you!Faith was a freakin’ robot. But duh she’s Psy so of course she’d be a robot. The only good thing was Hawke. A very faded presence but added a bit of fun to the story.I can’t write my review and not pick on this. I can’t imagine how the guys offer girls, or whatever, rides on their backs. Is it like a piggyback ride? Am I the only one who sees it stupid?