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Glitter Baby - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I’m so sorry to give this a bad score, I really am. But it needs to be done! I was sure this wasn’t going to be a good one. I mean look at the average score. BUT I didn’t give up until I finished it because I really want to go on with the series. This has absolutely nothing to do with my friend Aly nagging me to read it. Nope, absolutely nothing.So, where to begin? The whole book is full of drama. Belinda, Flynn, Alexis then Fleur, Jake, Michel and so on. They, sadly, have no fun! Ok so I could actually handle the drama but feed me a bit of humor from time to time please. Oh how I miss Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ humor *sighs*I also need to mention that I didn’t like any of the characters. Belinda was beyond idiotic and I’m still not sure what she ended up in the end. It may be because of skimming through it. Alexis was a creep, but of course he was the villain so I guess he was supposed to act like one. Fleur’s transformation was nice but not amazing. Jake was meh, Kissy was meh. Michel lacked personality. Am I missing anyone else? I don’t think so.The romance is messed up, I didn’t like any of the moments between Fleur and Jake. Well maybe the ones where she kicked his ass on the beach and where he was threatening her with his gun. And I mean a real gun, not the perverted stuff you guys have in mind. I guess you can consider this the extra star in the score. So obviously not the best Susan Elizabeth Phillips book but I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it.