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Nana, Vol. 21 - Ai Yazawa This review will be for the WHOLE Nana seriesOk, so I FINALLY finished Nana and I’m jumping up and down because of how happy I am.This was one of the worst stories I’ve read in a while, and trust me this says a lot. I can’t believe Yazawa dragged this useless story- Oh wait, I totally forgot. This series DOES NOT HAVE A FUCKING STORY! It’s all about useless drama thrown all around for the sake of what? Putting some manga artwork to good use? Maybe. But I still fail to see what the story is there. The drama of the two Nanas? Them being together until the end? More drama?? Drama drama drama and more fucking drama. I felt like I was watching a fucking soap opera, that’s what it was.Armando ¿cómo pudiste hacer esto?Or naaah, scratch that. I’ve got a better one:Armando, estoy embarazada!Oooooh, and guess what? One of them actually got pregnant. OH SNAP!As I said. Useless.But you know what? I actually enjoyed the beginning of it. I was thinking hey it seems interesting enough. Nana was cool, all punk rock and shit. Hachi or whatever her name is (I suck at Japanese names) was annoying as hell. Ren was awesome, another reason to read the damn 21 books!!! (overkill much????). However, some characters were cool for like 5 books. But 21?? Dude, seriously. 21??? For this?? This story?? This fucking drama??..Nah, fuck you but nah.Dee, I wanna apologize right now for bashing it so much, I know you love it and all but it got me so damn angry. I didn’t know how angry I was until I started typing my “review” (if you can call it that). Funny thing that.Yeah, so.. 21 fucking books. And she kills Ren in the end. And she doesn’t even end the series. Amazing. Fucking amazing.But I won’t be a total asshole. It seems like Yazawa is sick and has been hospitalized for some time. Now she’s back home and writing again probably.Ok, I’m sorry for her being sick and all, my best wishes for her health and I hope she gets well soon.[end of nice moment] But 21 books???? REALLY???I can’t seem to get over that..If I could rate the series I’d give it two stars out of five just because the beginning was kind of interesting. The rest went downhill till it reached a manure wagon, made it explode and covered everything in horseshit.Good times.