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Wicked as They Come (Blud, #1) - Delilah S. Dawson Hey you!Yes, you! The cheesy author with the creepy face! May I have your attention please!Have a look at this book, Wicked As They Come. Let’s analyze it a bit. Yes, the cover hints for a typical paranormal romance book. Yes, the title is as cheesy as all the books in this genre. Who can miss the topless dude on the cover, eh? Exactly!And what’s up with the Slash hat dude?? Is he gonna rock me out of my world? Play a little solo with his “skilled” fingers?Heh.So the signs are there. TYPICAL PARANORMAL ROMANCE UP AHEAD PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.And yet I was so damn tempted to read this book. Why the hell?? I have no idea. I just knew that I wanted it, and wanted it badly. My sadism never ceases to amaze me.Maybe Criminy put a spell on it like he did on the locket. Wouldn’t that be awesome?? Should I expect to wake up in his arms the moment I fall asleep? I wouldn’t mind that. I wouldn’t mind that one bit.Anypoodle, back to my dramatic conclusion. Cheesy romance author with the creepy face, watch and learn. This is one of the best romances I have read so far. Why is that, you ask? Because it tricked me into thinking that it’s not a bloody romance. I thought it’s an urban fantasy or something of that sort. Why is that, you ask again? Because it revolved around a story, which was amazing and – oh, guess what? – fucking THERE! Unlike your stories that go towards the typical hump as soon as possible and kill the bad guys in a blast of glory crap.They did hump several times in WATC but that’s beside the point. They all hump eventually, don’t they? The story is what matters the most The Iron Duke or something. When I saw that it has Alice in Wonderland-like elements I couldn’t stop drooling.HOW COOL IS THAT??? All the bludbunnies, magic, the caravan, the contraptions, the cities and the awesome Mad Hatter that is Criminy!! FREAKING AMAZING!!So yeah, saying that the cover and the title are misleading is an understatement. We get a cute scene where the title is explained but Dawson could have gone for something way better. But opinions are opinions. What do you guys think? Am I right or am I right?Right now I’m having a rating problem. It’s not a total five star book because there was that little thing missing and Letitia can certainly be annoying at times.. So.. four stars? Not bad, eh?Did I mention that Criminy is the most awesome character ever?No?Get the bloody book. You’ll thank me later.Favorite quote“What if you could take everything you were looking for in a person and whisper it into someone’s ear, and they brought that person to you? And then, when you saw them for the first time, even if you didn’t know they were the one for you, you suddenly knew it anyway?”His finger traced my eyebrows, my cheekbones, as he thought a moment. “What if your heart stopped when you saw that person, and only after that did you realize that they truly were everything you ever wanted?”I’m such a hopeless romantic :flutters eyelashes: