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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee I was afraid of starting Angelfall because of all the good reviews it has. There are only four and five stars ratings from the people on my list. Imagine that! So I was a bit worried that I might be the sick one and hate it or not enjoy it. Yes, I care about being socially accepted, and I’m very aware of the fact that rating it lower than four stars would have gotten me killed or badly injured.So I took a deep breath and after months of awkward looks, stalking, testing and deep analysis, I started reading it.Let me tell you a short story about my current situation. I’ve been reading mostly bad books lately. My horrible slash meh streak has reached the number 4. I became very cautious after this. So now you understand why I was afraid of reading Angelfall.Even so, thank heavens for small favors. Angelfall is a very good book but the reason why it won’t get a full five-star rating for me is the lack of instant-connection. What is this instant-connection I’m talking about? Let me explain. When I start reading a new book, I usually get an instant feeling towards it. Some books I hate, others, I’m indifferent towards and some I love since page one. The latter are the instant-connection. They suck you in. Time passes too fast when reading them, the characters break your heart. They make you smile, and they make you cry. That’s a five-star book for me.Angelfall didn’t manage to reach that level. However, it got very close to it.Things that I loved▪ Penryn is an extremely mature and level-headed girl. I’m very happy to have finally encountered a smart Young Adult heroine.▪ Raffe, even though not my favorite, is a very good hero. I also liked the fact that Ee avoided lust-at-first-sight gig when it came to their romance.▪ The large amount of memorable secondary characters.Things that I disliked (or was unsure of)▪ I’m not the biggest fan of angel-themed books. Angels will always remain for me the cute little creatures watching over us from their over comfortable puffy clouds. I don’t find them fascinating or brutal as they were portrayed in Angelfall. ▪ The story made me lose interest for a while, around the middle of the book. Maybe this is because it oozes of Urban Fantasy. I have already read my share of awesome Urban Fantasy books, and Angelfall still has the lingering scent of a Young Adult one. It can never reach the level of, say, the Guild Hunter series, which is angel themed as well.Overall I can say that Angelfall is a very good book considering its gender. Susan Ee did a very good job and I’ll definitely read Penryn & the End of Days #2 when it comes out.