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Flat-Out Sexy (Fast Track, #1) - Erin McCarthy So why couldn’t she bring herself to like him? Because maybe somewhere deep inside her she still felt the need for speed. For excitement.Uhm yes. Where do I begin?You know those cheap books that are about the typical love sex story between the average looking woman looking for a lifetime commitment and the hottest guy on the planet running from it with all his might? Yes? Are you into them? No? Good. Then avoid this like Satan avoids holy water.My problems with this book:1. Cheesy2. Painfully boring3. Not funny4. Terrible writing style5. Stupid stupid stupid stupid My reactions while reading Flat-Out Sexy *hmph**yawn**wtf**omg my eyes started to burn**where’s the toilet paper?*Other issues:The chick is talking about her dead husband and the dude is trying his best to see what thongs she’s wearing. Since page 24.Screwing from chapter two. Who needs a story anyway? Pornography pays very well.Bottom line: horrible! Two chapters are enough for me.P.S. The cover sucks balls.