The Great Destroyer

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The Blood That Bonds - Christopher Buecheler Oh, just look at that cover! I love it so much!! It was the main reason I got the book, but I’m sure you could already guess that. Too bad it’s too misleading. When I look at the image I think of a badass Urban Fantasy heroine killing everything that stands in her way of achieving something great and saving the world. As it turns out, The Blood That Bonds is just a typical, and I put it in bold because you can’t get more typical than this, vampire romance story.It starts in a very interesting manner. We have Two (yes, that is her real name) who ran away from home and ended up a homeless drug addict. Lucky (or not) for her she was taken in by her drug supplier and brutally forced to prostitute herself.This part was very deep and interesting. But then a mysterious client chooses her as his next.. victim. He is rich, drives a Ferrari and treats her like the lady she never was. You can probably guess what happens next, right?The dude turning her into a vamp so that she can be with him forever. Why did he choose her from all the other potential victims out there? I guess we’ll never know.I’m falling in love with him, she thought, and in love with what he is.Oh, give me a break! This happens 19% along the way. 19%!!!This ruins a book for me. The typical I just turned you into a freak because I love you even though I’ve just met you hours ago gig is old and sucks ass. Give me a damn story! Entertain me!!!Ugh! I don’t think I need to read the book in order to know what happens next.I’m sorry my dearest people but this is where I bail out. I simply can’t stand these horribly boring stories.