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Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter, #4) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Review from ZombieHazard.My last ride on the Dark-Hunter busNo, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I can’t take Sherrilyn Kenyon’s endless and useless blabbering anymore. Dream Warrior is utter rubbish; you have the typical story that revolves around this series for OMG over 20 books. Seduce the dude or/and kill him. Kill the bad guys to save the world. Chick sees dude and falls for him even though they’re mortal enemies. Dude wants to kill chick but he can’t ‘cause she wakes up a flame inside of him. Ugh why can’t they do something more original than this? At least if you plan to make this series endless put more effort in the damn stories.I actually have a problem with Sherrilyn Kenyon. I consider this series long gone because even before Acheron most of the books weren’t so great anymore. I was in love with the series; there were many books I loved in the beginning of it. I fell in love with Ash the most and I couldn’t wait for his book. Bit by bit her books started to be unoriginal and repetitive. No characters that would catch your attention, mediocre and sucky stories and humor that didn’t bring any laughs out of me.I’m actually thinking about what happened to the Dark-Huner series. Is Sherrilyn Kenyon out of ideas? Is she writing the books just for money or what? I guess there are still fans out there that love her books and probably still find them good. I don’t understand these people. Look I don’t wanna be mean or anything but doesn’t the lack of originality bother them? This series is not what it used to be. I would suggest the author to scratch it and start something new. But that’s probably just me…You would wonder why I’m giving this speech right now. Well sadly I’m giving up the series so I thought it would be fair to explain why I’m doing it. There are many good PNRs out there who are actually worth reading. Dark-Hunter is not one of those anymore. I’ll try this author’s historicals and maybe The Chronicles of Nick.One of the things that bothered me a lot was the humor in Dream Warrior. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s jokes are no funny anymore and they’re actually repetitive. What’s the fun of hearing the same phrase twice? And she is trying to make Jericho cool and tough and is failing miserably. He’s actually a perfect replica of the characters from book thirteen to book seventeen, excluding Ash of course.What was good about the book? Probably seeing the characters I love. Ash (God I love this guy), Zarek (my second favorite character) and Jared (I’d like to read his story but I’m afraid it’ll be sucky so I’m confused). And that’s it with the good stuff. The rest of the book?I shouldn’t have to be happy to see these characters I love in order for me to like the books. I’d read characters’ books again and done. Happy day. This shouldn’t be the reason to continue reading the series. I’m actually feeling bad because I won’t get more of Ash, Jared, Savitar and Nick but I won’t curse my life by reading the rest of the books even for these dudes. Sorry guys!! Go beat up your maker and maybe things will get right!It’s not cool that I ended up happy because I finished reading the book. I really wanted to love this but unfortunately I couldn’t. I’ll keep my eye out for the characters I like that might get books and maybe (BIG MAYBE) give them a try. Else I won’t bother.