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Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #1) - Lara Adrian A poorly executed BDB.I had my eyes on this for a long time and I said “Heh! Why not try it now? Seems like it’s pretty popular so it might be good.” So I gave it a try aaaand it wasn’t what I expected it to be…The intro was pretty good; I thought Lucan was a really nice character. He was acting all ninja assassin, slicing through bad guys and being all mysterious and stuff. I like these things so it got my hopes up. And then the story began. *yawns*Introduction blah blah blah introduction *yawns some more*Typical story group of good vamps VS group of bad vamps. They’ve been fighting each other for a certain amount of time (years after years). Dude sees chick. Dude wants chick but rejects her ‘cause of a typical reason. Either she’s human or off limits (curse, virginity, etc). She has a certain power that will aid the good guys and he must give her up for the good of the community. Dude finally needs to protect chick because the bad guy wants something from her. Dude falls in love with chick. Dude sacrifices something in order to save chick. Chick turns immortal somehow. Dude and chick live happily ever after. (Note: I’m still at the beginning of the book and I didn’t read any summaries)I guess I’ve just defined the PNR genre, haven’t I?I don’t want to be quick to judge but most of the PNR series I’ve read so far had a not-so-cool start. I have been trying to get this in mind in order for me to manage to finish the book. I was really bored with the story, the characters were annoying and dull, no great villains and the plot was something I’ve read many times before.I’m trying to compare the good thing with the bad ones regarding the book. Unfortunately not much good stuff happening… What can I mention? The tattoos that change their colors seem like a nice idea. Kind of remind me of those rings you put on that change colors according to what you’re feeling. It’s total bull but feels good imagining that they’re actually right. The funeral ceremony was also an interesting aspect. Unique so far. I like unique things so I appreciated it.And OMG those are all the good things I can think of! That is just sad…Now to the fun part! *evil grin* The bad things!Gabrielle is a typical damsel in distress. Gets saved from all the bad things happening, has such a pure heart she can compete with Mother Teresa, saves the hero from his evil self…. ZzZzzZ…. I’m sorry I just fell asleep because of how boring this is…Lucan and Gabrielle’s relationship is too easy. They accepted each other too fast. They lack the spark needed for a fiery relationship. Not many authors can pull off a good sex scene before 50% of the book. The ones that don’t achieve this give the feel of erotica books. Personally I’m not into this genre and I prefer more foreplay and a good amount of feelings and depth so that the moment when they make love, or whatever, is special. Unfortunately Lara Adrian did not pull it off. 24% into the book and they did it. It felt cold and I could actually slip through it without feeling bad. Not cool.Should I even get started on the whole vamps are aliens part? That just cracked me up…The whole minion deal is soooo Dracula. Never liked it. But now I remembered playing Overlord. That was a good use of minions and I loved it. This thing is old-school and not really my thing.Aaaand that’s it with the bad things. If you don’t count falling asleep many times while reading the book…The five breed bros in head to toe fuchsia poured out of the carriage and went to a wonderful place called Candy Mountain. There, the wonderful pink unicorns stole their kidneys and sold them on the black marked. No one saw the five breed bros ever since.Yeah, of course. Vamp Leader Dude acts like an ass to Saint Chick. Before the final fight of the book he decides he wants to spend his eternal *angelic music plays in the background* life with her. At the same moment *music changes to something tragic* Saint Chick decides to go back home where she belongs but ends up in the clutches of the Evil Master of the Naughty Vamps!! Now the Vamp Leader must decide!! It’s either his Xmas candy or the Saint Chicks’!!! What will the Vamp Leader choose?? To keep his Xmas candy of course!! *audience laughs in the background*Aaaah in the end I was still close to what I described above. Anyways PNRs are typically like this but what matters is the execution. Unfortunately Lara Adrian didn’t work for me. I’ll give the second book a try because if I remember well Immortals After Dark wasn’t so good at the beginning. Eventually it ended up awesome. Midnight Breed... hmm I dunno if the series is my thing. I’ll be nice and give the second book a try in the future. Now i need a break…Top 5 quotes#5 “Jesus,” Dante interjected when the heavy quiet in the vehicle seemed endless. “All this touchy feely is making me itchy to kill something. How about we quit jerking each other off and go blow the roof off this mutha?”#4 He gave her only the barest nod of agreement. A man of few words, evidently, but then who needed conversation when you had soul-stripping eyes like his?#3 “Your pictures are full of passion... .”“But?”To her bewilderment, he reached out, stroked a finger along the line of her jaw. “There are no people in them, Gabrielle.”#2 He had never been one to subscribe to the notion of fate, but it seemed pretty damned clear that one way or another this female was meant to cross his path.Oh, yeah. Cross it like a black cat.#1 Gabrielle's heart accelerated with a mix of anticipation and fear as he moved away from the door frame and walked into the room. She looked at him, really looked at him, for what he was: ageless strength, wild beauty, unfathomable power. A dark enigma, both seductive and dangerous.Read the review on ZombieHazard.