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Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, #1) - Sherrilyn Kenyon I didn’t start this with positive thoughts. My reasons were:• I didn’t depart the Dark Hunter series with the best feelings;• Never really liked Nick;• Wasn’t sure of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s ability to write a good YA novel.Did I make a good choice with Infinity? Will the Chronicles of Nick rock your world? Well no and no. Sorry Nicky boy, you’re just not cool enough. Yet.The book lacks a proper story. All I got was Nick being bullied, Nick lacking food and Nick being chased by stupid jock zombies (cheesy much?). As much as I love these filthy creatures the book got me depressed. Infinity didn’t even elaborate the Dark Hunter-related things I wanted to find out. I wouldn’t mind this if the events in the book were funny/interesting/romantic/sentimental/whatever. The story just goes around in circles, some supernatural elements get thrown around mindlessly, and the characters don’t even evolve. Nothing seems to get me attracted towards reading more. I have absolutely no feelings for any of the relevant characters (put the old ones like Ash, Tabitha, Simi, Kyrian aside). If I think about it, there’s absolutely nothing that I like about this book. No, wait! I actually liked one thing. I’ll make it cryptic to avoid spoilers: “the present meeting the future” (lol I guess some mysterious music would work wonderfully with this). That was a nice touch and the only thing that saved the book from getting one star.Since I’m curious to see what Nicky will manage to do, I’m going to give the next book a try. See you next time on How Jock Zombies Will Eat Your Brain!!