The Great Destroyer

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Blood Bound (Unbound, #1) - Rachel Vincent YES!!! I’m done!!!! I can’t believe how difficult it was for me to finish this! Looking at all the good reviews this book has made me wonder why on earth I didn’t like it. Since I don’t want to be unfair or moody (or God knows what’s wrong with me these days) I said I’ll take a piece of paper and a pen, draw two columns, one with the things I liked and one with the things I didn’t like. So I did just that and placed my likes and dislikes there, drew the final line and compared results. Since I’m a nice girl I will share those results with you.Things I didn’t like:- Liv is annoying.- Cam’s POV ruins the "guess the dude’s feelings for the chick" game.- The book tends to go towards marriage counseling and not action packed adventure. - The desperate look Cam has each time he lays eyes on Liv.- For an unknown reason it got me sleepy each time I was trying to read it. My total fell-asleep-while-reading-this number ended up being four. Seriously is this normal??? Do you remember Tom (Tom & Jerry) not wanting to fall asleep and using matches to keep his eyelids up? I’m going to try to fetch and image if I can find one. (lucky me, I did!)That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. My eyes are betraying me!- I’m not a fan of the story. I didn’t like it.- Switching between the characters’ POV got confusing at times.- Too predictable.Things I liked:- Cam was a nice hero. Not the best but ok.- Interesting concept. Who needs chips when you can rack a person by blood.Omg, right? Those are the things I liked… Not cool.Close to the end I was stuck between giving it one star or two stars. So I said if I solve the "who’s the father" puzzle I’ll give it one star. If I don’t I’ll give it two stars. Check the rating. I’m that good.