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The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane, #2) - Jaye Wells I started reading this EXACTLY after finishing the latest Night Huntress book. This will explain my harsh review.I had so many problems with this book that I have no idea where to begin. The start was too sudden. I’m a sucker for action but give me some time to adjust don’t just hit me in the head like this. I could get over this if the story would turn into something interesting and not mindless action. It didn’t. Eventually things got so boring that I lost interest in the book. Hell at a point I didn’t get what the story was about. Demon Fight-Club? Not what I wanted to find, I’ll tell you this. I was totally uninterested to read about the damn boxing matched between Giguhl and the rest of the demons. Give me a damn story please and quit screwing around!I’ve always skipped the whole training on Eye of The Tiger moments in movies. They bore me especially since there’s no fun in them. Most of the book revolves around something like this. Damn boring I tell you!! At the end I felt that the story was close to useless.Here’s an image to show you my opinion on this:In the previous book Sabina seemed cool. I was actually amused by her messed up personality. It lasted for only the first book. Now she’s the same assh*le as before and instead of being amused I’m getting annoyed. A character should evolve with each book. She’s actually going the other way around. She acts like a big ass assassin but when faced with new knowledge or the chance for a fresh start she acts like she’s in primary school. Not the kind of heroine I would admire.I guess Sabina’s attitude problem comes from the deep and desperate need to get laid. Which she has. By the wrong guy. I don’t know how to feel about what happened between her and Slade.I still don’t understand why they didn’t kill her grandma in the previous book. It makes no sense. Sabina left her live just so she could show off with what a bad girl she is hanging with the mages and all that?I used to like Giguhl but in The Mage in Black he’s simply annoying. Slade was ok and Maisie was neutral.