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Shades of Blood - Samantha Young Before I start my review I gotta ask, is this the last book in the series? I mean the ending kind of hinted towards that but I’m still not convinced. Is book 4 coming out or this is it for Eden and Noah?Personally I’d prefer for it to end. Why? Because I don’t want Warriors of Ankh to end up like Night Huntress. Kat and Bones are one of my most favorite book couples. But their story going on and on with useless details and events makes me like them less with each page that I read. I don’t want Noah and Eden to suffer the same fate, that’s all. Anyway, what’s there to say about Shades of Blood? It’s definitely my least favorite book in the series. Eden and Noah can’t seem to get their hands off each other’s privates (yes, they have sex), Eden suddenly gets a visit from the big bad P (yes, I mean her period), Noah learns what it’s like to be jealous (no, he doesn’t act like a dick) and Tobe gets to work a bit on Eden’s face ( yes, she punches the hell out of her). My problem with Shades of Blood is mostly its predictability. I had some moments with the previous books when I’d feel like Sherlock Holmes for cracking some mysteries in the story but in this one it felt boring. Because everything was too transparent.Or maybe I’m that good. Anzu: Hey Evilbot!Evilbot: What now, human?A: Did you finish reading Shades of Blood?E: No I didn't. I said nothing of the sort.A: But you promised that you'll buddy read it with me!E: Didn't.A: Yes you did! Now tell me why you didn't read it.E: I bought food while I was there. They don't let you travel internationally with food.A: What the hell are you talking about?E: I'm talking about what we both said yesterday.A: Whatever. What do you think? Will Noah and Eden get another book?E: Will will will will will will.A: Don’t you think it will be boring? I mean they’ve already started to lose their spark.E: The button and the chair have the true church of Christ?A: What?E: Get rich or die trying.A: Are you serious?E: Yes. I'm ready to take the next step in this relationship.A: Do I need to hit you in the head again to make you work properly?E: Whether you make sense or not, I'll never love you.A: *facepalm*