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Kiss of Crimson  - Hillary Huber, Lara Adrian bla bla bla ZombieHazard bla bla OMG! Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to finish this! One more hour of this and I’d be forced to hurt someone.AAAAAAAAAAA my ears!! They bleed!!!I seriously don't recommend this audiobook. The story - meh. The lady talking - meeeh! Her "Italian" accent cracked me up. The result? MEH! Me don't likey. At all! It's tooo close to BDB. I thought maybe this one will change a bit but I was wrong.I've been listening to the audiobook while working. My first audiobook *yei* Not so bad I guess (if you ignore the sexy lady talking). It’s easier to be distracted while listening to this. Better to cope with the bullsh*t story. *ahem*I'm not in the mood for PNR lately. I want a book that offers a deeper story and a bit more of a tease when it comes to the relationship between the main characters. Midnight Breed is a mediocre series. I try so hard but can’t get myself to like it. I’ve read worse books of course and this probably isn’t the worst in the genre but *British accent* not my cup of tea! Maybe it gets better later on but I don't have the patience to read all 10 books in order to get something good. I'll probably (big probably there my friends) give the next book a try later one when my mood improves.Sooooo… One star. Sorry Dante, love the name but that doesn’t make up for anything.